About CYBER CoRe

CoRe – “Cooperative Resilience” is a unique format developed by CybExer Technologies (Estonia) in partnership with EY (Netherlands) where various enterprises and government agencies compete in a complex Blue v. Red Team technical cyber security exercise. The exercise is in “live fire” mode, which means that the Blue Teams must defend their respective environments against real time attacks by our experienced Red team. This gives a unique, realistic experience that would help enterprises to cope with cyber threats.

The exercise provides a full cyber range experience, but since several organizations are contributing to the event, it is significantly more affordable, at the same time increasing collaboration, information sharing and providing a solid basis for a true public private partnership.

The goals of the exercise are to:

The first Cyber CoRe exercise took place in Estonia in March 2019 with 5 teams from both government sector and private sector participating. The teams representing various companies and organizations from Estonia and Netherlands were defending 5 identical gamenets against Red Team attacks.

The next exercise is taking place 07-08 October 2020, the Rapid Cyber CoRe 2020.

Introductory video and testimonials: