CoRe – “Cooperative Resilience” is a unique format developed by CybExer Technologies (Estonia) where IT teams compete in a complex Blue v. Red Team technical cyber security exercise. The exercise is in “live fire” mode, which means that the Blue Teams must defend their respective environments against real time attacks by Red team. This gives a unique, realistic experience that would help enterprises to cope with cyber threats.

The goals of the exercise are to:

The first Cyber CoRe exercise took place in Estonia in March 2019 with teams from both government sector and private sector participating in a 3-day live-fire cyber security exercise. The international teams were defending their gamenets against Red Team attacks.

Due to coronavirus pandemic we are conducting the exercises online on Cybexer Technologies proprietary cyber range.


We designed the more affordable version of CYBER CoRe - RAPID CYBER CoRe as the 2-day event where your Blue Team skills will be tested in a live-fire exercise of defending a full-scale IT Infrastructure against Red Team cyberattacks.

The RAPID CYBER CoRe event is an excellent opportunity for IT security team to test their methodology and skills of mitigation, detection and response to high frequency cyberattacks that will be launched on their IT infrastructure. Multiple Blue Teams participate in the exercise and compete against each other to keep their IT infrastructure protected against attacks performed by a real-life Red Team and test their capabilities under the pressure of a continuous flow of attacks and real-life based scenarios. Participating in this event is an excellent way to test and develop your skills in handling real-life cyberattack by means of Identification, Protection, Detection, Response, Recovery and Reporting.

The target audience for this exercise is staff members involved in technical IT-security or cyber defence, reporting and analytical staff, and their team management. We accommodate teams of 4-6 members.