Cyber CoRe Tallinn 2019

CyberCoRe Tallinn 2019 takes place from 20 – 22 March 2019 in Tallinn. Bringing together 4 teams from critical information infrastructure companies, industry and government, the teams will participate in a realistic “live-fire” simulation of intense cyber-attacks against the infrastructure of a supply chain of a hypothetical company.

The exercise is designed by CybExer Technologies OÜ, a leading Estonian cyber security company with experience in delivering highly sophisticated cyber wargaming exercises to government and private sector customers and EY Netherlands.

The exercise will focus on a supply chain security of a hypothetical critical information infrastructure company. The Blue Teams need to respond and defend their gamenets against live attacks by an experienced Red Team that is using the most recent threat vectors. To further enhance the learning experience, the participating organizations can also supply a limited number of Red Team members, subject to availability of the seats.